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Enable your business partners to accept fast, secure and 100% contactless payments with their smartphones and digitalize value added services for their end customers.

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Offer solutions for a digitalized shopping experience

As Bluecode acceptance partner, new business models open up for you, which can clearly differentiate you from the competition. In addition to offering a mobile payment system, you can also provide your retail partners with integrated customer loyalty programs such as vouchers, loyalty cards, point and stamp passes and prize draws.

KundenkarteLoyalty cards

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Bluecode Device
Bluecode Device
Bluecode Device
Bluecode Device
Bluecode Device

Your advantages at a glance

Digitalisierung von Mehrwertprogrammen

Digitisation of added-value services

Zusätzliche Akzeptanz von Alipay Zahlungen

Additional acceptance of Alipay payments

Omnichannel-fähige Bezahltechnologie

Omnichannel enabled payment technology

Mitverdienen an jeder Transaktion

Earning with every transaction (fair share model)


Payment guarantee

Integration available for iOS, Android and USSD.

Schnelle und günstige Integration

Fast and cost-effective integration

Keine Umbauten an Kassen oder Automaten erforderlich

No conversions at cash registers or vending machines necessary

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