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Use digitalization as an opportunity for your company. With Bluecode you can link payment with your customer loyalty tools (stamp cards, vouchers, lotteries, loyalty cards).

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Bluecode, fastest way to pay.

By accepting Bluecode payments, you shorten queues at your cash registers and avoid change and cash disposal. It can also be used to pay at vending machines, in online shops and at self-service checkouts.

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Digital value-added services.

Customer loyalty programs of the future take place on your customers smartphone. Interact with your customers on the phone and offer existing customer loyalty programs, card stamps and vouchers digitally. These are automatically recognized when payments are made with Bluecode.

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The Bluecode integration into your banking application.

By integrating the Bluecode SDK into your app you enable your users to pay with their mobile phone. You can create additional added value by offering individual customer loyalty programs with Bluecode.

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