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Bluecode lives in your app

The Bluecode SDK is integrated into the Banks’s app providing a new digital mobile payment option without disrupting your customer journey or requiring your customer to download and use additional software.  A seamless extension of your services for a modern secure payment where all the customer payment information never leaves the bank.

Bluecode Device

Banks count on the Bluecode technology.

With the “co-branded app” program, Bluecode enables banks to offer their own mobile payment system. The biggest advantage for banks is that customers pay directly with their banking app.

Bluecode Device

Your advantages at a glance

Anonyme Zahlungsmethode

Anonymous payment method

Erhöhtes Leistungsversprechen an App-Nutzer

Increased value proposition to app users

Nach europäischen Datenschutz-Normen konzipiert

Designed according to EU standards and data protection

Keine Fix- oder Nebenkosten

No hidden costs

Schnelle und komfortable Implementierung

Fast and convenient implementation

Integration available for iOS, Android and USSD

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