Frequently Asked Questions

Here we provide answers to frequently asked questions.

General information

Bluecode is simple, safe, and incredibly fast mobile payment service. Every time you make a purchase, a new blue barcode appears. Show the Bluecode to the cashier and you are done. 

Pay with your Smartphone. 

Simply connect your bank account with Bluecode and make payments at merchants or online. 

Just show the blue barcode to the cashier and a new, unique barcode will appear.  

Contact your bank and ask for the Bluecode payments service. 

Bluecode is free for customers. 

With Bluecode you can finally pay securely and quickly with your mobile phone.  

At selected retailers, you can link your loyalty card or stamp card automatically.  

You will never have to show your loyalty card to cashiers again. 

Bluecode is a highly secure payment method because: 

  • A new Bluecode token is created for each individual payment. 
  • Each Bluecode token can be used only once. 
  • No customer information is ever associated with the payment.

A Bluecode token has 20 digits. If the phone is online, a corresponding 8-digit short code is displayed immediately. This short code corresponds to the longer Bluecode and can be entered manually more quickly. 

A Bluecode token can only be used once and is only valid for 4 minutes. 

You need an Android or iOS phone to use the full features. But a feature phone and USSD is also functional.


Bluecode is an optical payment method. Therefore, you can pay in two ways: Either the cashier scans a barcode in your app or you scan a QR code of the merchant. You always keep your mobile phone in your hand, and you pay without touching the payment terminal. 


  • Bluecode is extremely safe because personal data about customers or bank accounts never enter the system.
  • Where is no data, no data can be stolen.

Each token is valid for only one payment or 4 minutes.

Select an individual 4 or 6 digit PIN and whether you wish to use TouchID (if your phone supports this). 

By entering the PIN, you confirm that payments can be made by Bluecode and that you accept the General Terms and Conditions. 

If you think that someone other than you can guess your PIN, we recommend changing it immediately. Go to the settings and select “Change PIN” and follow the instructions.